Hi There! Welcome to the Crossroads of Time! Sometimes, life throws us a curve and we really aren’t sure what to do. I remember watching an old Doctor Dolittle as a child. This particular movie featured a young woman as she sung about the challenges that she was facing in life. She was at a […]

You need me.

Originally posted on Perfectly Made:
You need me. I am your greatest ambition, the one thing that keeps you going. I am the perfect body that you’ve been told you must have to be happy. I am your unattainable desires that you believe will satisfy you. I am the boyfriend who will prove just how…

Turning the Tables: How do I view you?

Have you ever been hangry?  In case you don’t know what “hangry” is, it is a combination of hungry + angry. Often times, “extreme” hunger causes our anger, which at this point, the emotion would also be considered  “hangry”.  For example, you had a long day at work and your coworkers were driving you crazy all day long!  You didn’t […]